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I'm Michele DiSpirito

I've been where you are.

Tired. No. Exhausted! Frustrated and confused as to what to do with an adorable little one that just. won't. sleep.

I'm a mom to three boys ages 6 and under, wife to Kyle for 17 years, and all about getting some good sleep for us all! While struggling to make sleep consistent and a reality with my oldest, I scoured the internet for answers and was left more frustrated and confused than when I started. I wanted a clear path; someone I trusted to just tell me what to do, how to do it, and when. What I wanted was what I'm here to be for you today - a Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

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Enjoy the Fireworks this 4th of July with Your Children!

Here in the States, we’re soon to celebrate our independence, and often that celebration comes with late-night fireworks. Here are a few tips for you if you’d like to enjoy that later night of celebration this 4th of July with your little one(s).

Tips for Newborns

Newborns are the easiest age group!

You’ll continue using the wake windows throughout the day, just later into the evening than usual, creating more naps and having a later bedtime.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Newborns can’t handle a lot of stimulation and especially not for too long.

  • Bring ear protection, a baby carrier or stroller/bassinet, and a clip-on fan to keep them cool.

  • If you’re able to sneak away to a calmer place when it’s time to get them to sleep, do that.

Once you’re home, still do their bedtime routine, just shorten it a bit, and give them a full feeding before getting them down for the night (that will include a few wakings). The routine and the full feeding will cue them in on the fact that they’re going down for the night and not another nap.

The next day, get back on “schedule”; have your normal amount of naps and bedtime around the usual time.

Not sure of their wake windows/schedule?

Tips for Babies

For older babies, let them sleep as long as they’d like for their last nap or two of the day to help them stretch to a later bedtime. Depending on their age and how well they nap that day, you can offer an additional nap. Even letting them sleep in the car to and from the fireworks show can be enough to help!

Be sure to pack SNACKS, drinks, and anything else you may need to keep Baby happy and occupied while you wait and they’re getting tired. The distraction will help keep them going.

Snacks and drinks will likely be enough since there will be lots going on for the firework show.

Once you get home, do a shortened bedtime routine and be sure to give them a full feeding.

The next day, you can allow them to sleep in (if they will) for up to 30 minutes so they can catch up on some sleep without interfering with their nap schedule.

That next night, I recommend an early bedtime of at least 15-30 minutes.

Tips for Toddlers + Preschoolers

For napping toddlers, let them nap as long as they can!

For non-napping children, let them sleep in if they can/will.

Keep their day low-stimulation to save their energy for that evening’s excitement and share with them what the plans are and prep them accordingly. (You’ll likely have this conversation multiple times that day.)

For older children, it can be fun to already have them in their jammies when you go to see the fireworks so when they likely fall asleep on the way home (which is ok) you can (hopefully) transfer them easily to their bed.

If the transfer fails or there’s no opportunity to attempt a transfer, do a shortened bedtime routine once you get home.

The next day, let them sleep in some. If they’re napping, no more than 30 minutes. If they’re not napping, let them sleep as long as they want/can.

You may need to do an early bedtime that next night, too, by 15-30 minutes (or more if necessary).

I hope you enjoy your 4th of July!! Happy Independence Day!


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