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Newborn Guide & Packages

Let's start out with great sleep!

guidance for families expecting a baby or with a newborn 0-15 weeks old.

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right for me?
  • If you have a baby younger than 16 weeks old,

  • If you're expecting baby 1, 2, 3, 4... and want to have confidence in how to have great sleep,

  • If you want to instill healthy sleep habits early on and bypass massive sleep deprivation,

  • If you don't want to sift through the research and information around newborn sleep and want it all in one convenient place,

Then, yes! This is for you!
Mother Baby Bonding

Because we worked with Michele through the newborn days, we didn't have to sleep train as many do at 4 months old!

- Becca S. of North Carolina

What does the process

look like with a Newborn Package?
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Each package includes The Newborn Guide and a video consultation to review it and answer any questions you have. What varies between packages is the amount of support you get throughout the newborn days.

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Since there is no sleep training during the newborn days, The Newborn Guide is suitable for any and every family. Our Zoom call to review the guide is an opportunity to walk you through the process and answer any of your questions! 

Review the



You can start implementing the information from The Newborn Guide from Day One! If you're grabbing this sometime after day one, but before 16 weeks, then you can start right away!


Image by Jonathan Borba

When our son was diagnosed with GERD, Michele gave us her wisdom, insight & compassion to help us and him where we felt comfortable.

- Stefanie R. of North Carolina

What can I expect ?

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The Newborn Guide and the support I offer is meant to EQUIP YOU with KNOWLEDGE of newborn sleep, ENCOURAGE YOU to LEARN your baby, and give you CONFIDENCE in navigating the world of baby sleep.

I can promise you that your newborn will wake in the night - they need to! But through repeated practice of the tools laid out in The Newborn Guide, you will have the knowledge needed to support your baby through the development of their sleep with an eventual, age-appropriate end-goal of them knowing how to sleep independently!


Meet Michele of Good Night Families

Hey there! I'm Michele and when my second son was born, I had far more knowledge around baby sleep than I did with my first - which led to far more confidence (and less fear!) as well.


Between the constant researching I did about baby sleep with my first and, even more so, the newborn sleep course I took while pregnant, I was able to START ON DAY ONE with Baby #2 implementing healthy sleep habits while still being ATTENTIVE, CONNECTED, and SUPPORTIVE of him.

That baby is well over 3 years old now and has been SLEEPING INDEPENDENTLY since 4 months old and SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT since 9 months old.

We're now implementing these strategies with our 3rd baby and we've been a much HAPPIER, WELL-RESTED FAMILY as a family of 5 than we ever were as a family of 3!

No matter your family size or dynamic, YOU CAN HAVE GREAT SLEEP, TOO!

This is why I do what I do - I can EMPATHIZE with you, EQUIP YOU, ENCOURAGE YOU, and help you and your family get the SLEEP that you NEED!

  • How much crying will there be??
    There will likely be tears (similar to the tears around having to be in the car seat or not being able to have another cookie), but we will tailor the plan in a way to be fair and set your child up for success to have have as few tears as possible. But, there's no way I can gauge how many tears there will or won't be. ​ If you're looking for a no-cry method or a full-blown extinction method, I'm not for you.
  • How soon can I sleep train?
    Traditional sleep training methods can be implemented, with the approval of your pediatrician, as soon as your little one is 16 weeks old from their due date or at least 12 pounds. (So, around 4 months old.) You can start establishing healthy sleep habits as early as day one. Newborns are not meant to sleep long stretches, but instilling good habits early on will beneficial now and when they are ready to sleep longer stretches.
  • Can I sleep train while breastfeeding?
    Yes! If you have any concerns, please reach out to your lactation consultant, your doctor or midwife, or your child's pediatrician. But, generally speaking, since breastmilk is produced on the basis of supply and demand, your supply, once fully established (and it often is by 4 months postpartum), your supply will adjust accordingly. It's also good to know, I don't force the drop of necessary night-feedings. Some babies are ready to drop all night-feedings as early as the newborn days, but most aren't ready until a few months after that. (Usually no later than ~9 months old.) A goal of sleep training isn't always to have a baby that sleeps through the night. But always, the goal of sleep training is to have an independent sleeper. (An independent sleeper has the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep without the need of any help from anyone else.)
  • Can I sleep train if we co-sleep?
    First, what's your definition of co-sleeping? If you're sharing a room with your baby, but not your bed, then YES! You can sleep train and I can help you! (And you can continue to room-share, if you want or need to!) If you're sharing a bed with your baby, then no, not in the traditional sense can you sleep train. Since the main goal of sleep training is to teach babies and children how to fall asleep and stay asleep without needing the help of anyone else, bed-sharing causes confusion. Also, for safety considerations, and other factors, I only work with co-sleeping (bed-sharing) families when they're ready to move their child out of their bed. Otherwise, I cannot help.
  • How long will this take?
    I like to set aside two-three weeks for sleep training. You'll need to be home every night for bedtime and have your days as normal as possible (whatever that looks like for you). With consistency, following the plan 100%, most families start seeing improvements with night sleep by night 3 and with naps within the first week or two. (Naps are generally harder to nail down, but with consistency, they do shape up!)
  • I have twins (or triplets, etc.), do I have to buy 2 (or more) packages?"
    No!! If you'll be working on both children at the same time, there's no additional fee for twins, triplets, etc. since their plans will be pretty much identical and the support will be carried out at the same time.
  • I need help with more than one of my children (not twins), do I need to buy a package for each child?"
    Not necessarily! There's a $100 upcharge for each additional sibling that needs a sleep plan that will be implemented at the same time. Need to add on a sibling? Book a free call with Michele here!
  • I've tried everything!! Why should I work with you?
    The information out there is overwhelming. Add in exhausting, it can be crushing!! Let me be your guide! I'm well-trained in a research-based, holistic approach to sleep training. I look at every facet of the child's life - temperament, age, family dynamics, and the parent's parenting style - when choosing the best sleep training method for the child and creating their personalized sleep plan. I have experience in helping babies and children get the sleep they need, resources readily available for "tricky" situations, and the commitment to my families that are mutually committed to get them the sleep they need!

Frequently Asked Questions


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The Newborn Guide & Support Packages




for a little more support...

The Newborn Sleep Guide

+ plus +

  • 15-minute evaluation call

  • 1-hour consultation call

  • Nursery assessment

  • 4 email threads

  • 5% off a Baby or Toddler Support Package, should you need one



for even more support...

The Newborn Sleep Guide

+ plus +

  • 15-minute evaluation call

  • 1-hour consultation call

  • Nursery assessment

  • Weekly email check-ins

  • 10% off a Baby or Toddler Support Package, should you need one



for all the support!

The Newborn Sleep Guide

+ plus +

  • 15-minute evaluation call

  • 1-hour consultation call

  • Nursery assessment

  • UNLIMITED email check-ins

  • 15% off a Baby or Toddler Support Package, should you need one


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