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Toddler in Bed

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I sleep train?

You can start establishing healthy sleep habits as early as day one. Babies this young are not meant to sleep long stretches, but instilling good habits now will benefit them when they are ready for longer sleeps. Traditional sleep training methods can be used once your little one is 16 weeks old from due date or 12 pounds. (So, around 4 months old.)

Will you ask me to have my baby "Cry-it-Out"?

I define "Cry-it-Out" as putting your child to bed and not seeing them again until morning. There are many other methods that can be used before we would even consider using this method for nighttime sleep.

I cannot guarantee there won't be any crying, but I can guarantee you can be involved. There will boundaries around that involvement, but your little one will know you're there and they're loved. Also, since we'll be taking a holistic approach to sleep, we'll be working with their natural need for sleep and will encourage less crying. 

Can I sleep train while breastfeeding?

Yes! If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to your lactation consultant and your child's pediatrician. But, generally speaking, since breastmilk is produced based on supply and demand, your supply will adjust accordingly.

Can I sleep train if we co-sleep?

If you are sharing a bed with your child, for safety considerations, and other factors, I only work with co-sleeping families when they're ready to move their child out of their bed. If you want to keep sharing a bed, I cannot help.

If you are sharing a room with your child, I can help!

How long will this take?

I like to alot two weeks to training. You'll need to be home every night for bedtime and have your days as normal as possible (whatever that looks like for you). 

With consistency, following the plan 100%, most families start seeing the light by night 3. Naps are often harder and can take a little more time, but they start shaping up at least by the end of the two weeks.

I've tried everything! Why should I work with you?

The information out there is overwhelming. Add in exhaustion, it can be crushing!

Let me be your guide!

I'm well trained in taking a holistic approach to sleep, looking at each facet of your child's life to promote better sleep. Along with being trained in utilizing multiple sleep training methods and knowing which ones work best for certain ages, temperaments, and family dynamics, together we can make sleep a reality. And if your little one isn't following the plan as desired (because no one is a robot), I know ways to adjust the method to best suit them and I have connections with other well-trained consultants that can help troubleshoot, if necessary.

I'm committed to working with you until we get your child sleeping as to be expected for their age and lifestyle!

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