Image by Nina Hill

[Virtual] In-Home

for Multiples

[For 4-month-olds up to 4-year-olds]


If you are completely overwhelmed at the thought of sleep training, have no idea where to start, and/or you want someone who knows just what to do and when to do it to be there with you through it, this is for you!


This includes:

  • Free 15-Minute Call

    • If you didn't take advantage of this before purchasing your plan, we will set up a time to chat to get to know each other briefly and for me to listen to the sleep struggles you all are experiencing.

  • A Questionnaire for each child - to help me understand your family

    • You will receive a questionnaire specific to your children's age. Since great sleep is gained by taking a holistic approach, this questionnaire will give me a glimpse into their health, activity levels, temperaments, schedules and routines, screen time, sleeping habits, your parenting style and expectations, lifestyle, and more.

    • Along with a questionnaire, I will send you a Sleep Log for each child to fill out for 3 consecutive days and nights before I create their sleep plan. This will track their eating, sleeping, activities, and moods. With this information, I'll have an even greater understanding of our starting point and be able to optimally customize their plan.

  • A Virtual Tour and Evaluation of your children's nursery or room.

    • You can either send me a video of you walking through your children's nursery or room or we can video chat and walk through it together. This is to evaluate their sleep environment, ensuring it's arranged for optimal sleep and safety. From there I can guide you in any areas that may need adjusting.

  • A Personalized Sleep Plan

    • Taking the information gathered from our initial 15-minute call, the questionnaires, and the Sleep Logs, I will create a sleep plan that will not only contain two options of training methods for you to choose from, but it will go into great detail about scheduling and routines, any habits that need to be changed (and how to do that), creating the optimal sleep environment, gaining great naps (if age appropriate) and nights, a slew of FAQs, handling early morning wake-ups, and more!

  • A Video Consultation sent with your plan AND a 2-Hour Virtual Training session during night one of sleep training

    • Along with your plan will be a video of me walking you through it. Before night one of training you'll need to review the plan and the video. Write down any questions or concerns you have. We'll choose a night that works best for us both and I'll be there with you via FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts. We'll start our call 20 minutes prior to the bedtime routine to answer any questions and concerns and go over the technique you choose. I'll then be with you through the bedtime routine and as you get your little ones to bed, coaching you and encouraging you along the way and tweaking anything that may need tweaking!

  • 2 Weeks of Unlimited Email Support and Daily Text Support

    • The very next day, and every day for two weeks, I will be in touch with you to encourage you, guide you, tweak any areas that may need tweaking, and answer any questions or concerns you have! You will not be going through this alone!! If it gets to the end of the two weeks and you're needing/wanting more support, I offer additional phone or email support that can be purchased here.

    • During this time of training, you will continue tracking their eating, sleeping, activities, and moods so we're sure we're heading in the right direction and can celebrate all the wins, and tweak anything that may need tweaking! It's also great accountability!

  • Two 20-Minute, Scheduled Support Calls (via phone or video chat) - to be used within 12 months after purchase.

    • Sleep needs change, regressions occur, and life just happens! I do my best in my plans to prepare you for many of "what-ifs", but sometimes you just need to talk it out. If that happens, you'll have two calls in your toolbox for 12 months post plan purchase - just contact me and we'll schedule the call!